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Amimee, LLC.

Fingerprint Lock Tote Bag

Fingerprint Lock Tote Bag

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This Fingerprint Lock Tote Bag is the ideal security companion for everyday use. It features a secure fingerprint lock to protect valuable belongings and a water-resistant fabric to keep contents dry. With its combination of security and portability, it's the perfect bag for everyday use.

1. Using the latest fingerprint recognition technology, the fingerprint is unlocked within 0.5 seconds to prevent cloning and be safer.

2. Made from PU leather, it is good quality, fashion tote bag design, beautiful and large capacity , can contain your notebook, pad and daily use.

3. Just lock and unlock with your fingerprint, no key or password required. No longer have to worry about password being cracked.

4. Quick identification technology, easy to operate, store 10 fingerprints.

5. Long standby, Type-c universal charging interface, low power consumption, full charge can support 2000 switch lock.
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